The Market for Short Films Presented by Stage 32 Industry Pros – June 30th

On June 30th from 3:00 – 4:00 PM, Stage 32  will present a virtual panel at the Different Faces, Different Voices film festival focusing on the market for short films. In this exclusive panel Stage 32 will explain:

– What makes a great marketable short
– How to get it into festivals and sell your film
– How to do either self distribution or distribution through a third party
– How to leverage that into longer format projects.


RICHARD BOTTORichard Botto, Producer, Screenwriter, Actor, CEO of Stage 32

Richard Botto is the founder and CEO of Stage 32, the world’s largest online platform for connecting and educating film, television, and theater creators. In just over four years, Stage 32  has reached over 500,000 inspiring creatives worldwide. Additional to his work at Stage 32, Botto is a screenwriter, producer, actor, and author. His latest script, End Game, is currently in development.


David PatersonDavid Paterson, Producer, Writer

David Paterson is an acclaimed playwright, screenwriter, and producer. He has written over two dozens plays that have been performed on both Broadway and Off Broadway. In the film industry, he carved his path into the family genre with his screenplay of Bridge to Terabithia, and has been making his mark ever since. Patterson’s films and documentaries have been seen in over 100 film festivals worldwide!


James Kicklighter

James Kicklighter, Producer, Director

James Kicklighter is a multi-award winning writer/director that is known for his unique southern voice. His film Desires of the Heart won the Best Foreign Film category at the Los Angeles Femme Film Festival and was a nominee at the Cannes Marche du Film. Kicklighter is in the middle of developing several films for producers Richard Saper, M. Elizabeth Hughes, and Beau Turpin.


Jason Mirch copyJason Mirch, Feature Film and TV Producer

Jason Mirch is a feature film and television producer. Previously, Mirch was the head of feature and television development  and production at Image Nation Abu Dhabi, a finance and production company based in the United Arab Emirates. While there, he supervised the development of blockbusters The Help, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, and Contagion. Now he is focusing on building his own production company– Destructo Films.

Where to Purchase Tickets:
You can purchase tickets for the Stage 32 Workshop for $10.00  here.  Or purchase an All-Access Pass to all for workshops for only $25.00. Location:  University Lutheran Church, 66 Winthrop Street, Cambridge, MA 02138.

Flicks4Chicks Film Contest Takes Off With 50 Teams Shooting

The Flicks4Chicks contest was launched for sign-ups on February 14th and the festival organizers honestly had no idea what to expect when they made an international call to filmmakers.  Would women filmmakers be inspired to make a short in one month or would that seem too daunting?  Since men dominate the industry, how might they feel about a contest requiring that women hold lead roles of creative authority?  Finally, how would people who generally have their own artistic visions respond to being given a choice of “situations” on which to build their stories?  It turns out that, with a few exceptions, we received an overwhelmingly positive response.  Well over fifty teams signed up and on the cut-off date of March 31st there were others who had learned of the contest too late, still hoping to participate.

On April 1st the Flicks4Chicks film teams received their narrative situations and were given 5 days to make a final decision on which one they wanted to develop.  Now, the international film contest is off to a roaring start with 50 crews from across the US and the world busily working on their projects.

Situations range from “a Muslim woman with a love of technology joins a “geek” sorority at college but still finds her values in collision with the young women around her” to “a female police officer who has been experiencing sexual discrimination is asked to assist in an intense hostage situation where things have spiraled out of control.”

Who might do the best job of exploring diversity or moving beyond the Bechdel test?  We could hardly wait to see, so we asked our teams to send us production stills once they began shooting.  With a deadline of May 1st, it’s a race to the finish.   Here are just a few of the highlights.  If they inspire you, save the dates of June 29th and 30th to attend our Different Faces Different Voices Festival screenings at the Brattle Theater in Cambridge, MA.

Martin Dwyer

Application Developer

Rachel Wright

Art Director & Photographer

Andrew Butler

Photographer & Illustrator