You must sign up for the contest using FilmFreeway, https://filmfreeway.com/festival/Flicks4ChicksFilmContest. Once you are signed up, you can go into your file at any time and submit your film.

The submission fee is $100.00 paid via FilmFreeway. Any member in good standing of any Women in Film (and Television or Video) chapter or anyone who is an active member of Harvard Square Script Writers receives a $25.00 discount.

If you have not received the discount code, you must contact your local Women in Film chapter to determine eligibility and code. Or join a chapter (EVERYONE is welcome) to receive the discount.

Your film (including titling and credits) must not exceed ten minutes.

Your film can be of any genre.

Absolutely YES. The idea is to have projects built on creative collaborations, not exclusion.

Yes. Use the Short Film Agreement. Your actor payment is deferred. Get started at SAGAFTRA.org or email Jalika.Conteh@sagaftra.org with any questions.

You can start work on your film any time after April 1st. On that night you will receive your situations and must choose one and notify us at admin@hsswriters.com as to the one selected.

Awards (whether cash or prizes) will be given to the person responsible, e.g., Best Editor will go to the winning editor, Best Film to the producer of record/team leader at the Different Faces Different Voices Film Festival on June 30th in Cambridge, MA.

Award-winners who cannot attend the festival will receive their awards via mail within 30 days of the ceremony’s end.

You own your film and have the rights to sell, screen, promote, distribute in any way you see fit. Please see Rules to understand the Festival’s rights to screen (which include one year of online screening at the Flicks4Chicks video channel).